February 23, 2012

It's a....

And we couldn't be more excited! :)

February 22, 2012

Best Present Ever!

Sweet Blessing.
Baby Bernard: February 20, 2012 (19 weeks 2 days)
On Monday morning we got to have our hour long ultrasound; our little baby is healthy and growing right on track. The ultrasound literally took my breath away.  For the entire hour Jason and I were glued to the screen, watching our now "big" baby move and wiggle around.  I could not stop smiling the entire time.

The first thing we saw was the spine; every single bone exactly where it should be. Jason and I were speechless as the doctor showed us each bone in the baby's body.  We saw the four chambers of the heart, and the heartbeat was strong at about 150 bpm.  What amazed me the most was when we saw the little hands opening and closing.  All the bones are there; every little bone working just like mine are now! God is amazing to be growing this sweet little one inside me.

When it came to trying to get a profile shot of our baby, that took some doing.  I guess you could say our little one was being camera shy.  Each time the doctor would get close to getting a shot, the baby would snuggle its' face into my uterine wall.  I had to turn on my side, my stomach and walk around to try to get the baby to move. :) Needless to say, we got the shot at the very end of the appointment. From what I saw though, this baby has a silly personality, and this mama couldn't be more proud or excited to meet my little one.
After the appointment, Jason and I spent the afternoon floating around the Woodburn Outlets getting the baby its' first gender specific clothes bought by its' mommy and daddy.  Jason commented that now that we know what is baby 'is,' it makes it all the more real.  I couldn't agree more, I am so in love with my little stinker.

Also....the all important question about gender...we know 100% what we are having....the baby was not shy in that area.  We are waiting to announce the gender until Thursday, when we will be having a birthday party for me as well as revealing the gender of the baby. : ) I know that I am more excited about telling the whole world about our little one that celebrating my birthday.

This is the best gift I have ever gotten for my birthday....
a loving husband, and a healthy growing baby.
We couldn't be more thankful,
and more excited about what is to come this next year.

February 14, 2012


On Valentine's Day it is easy to remember that we are suppose to say, "I love you."
 What I think is important is saying those words everyday, but it is essential to mean them as well.  We all know what it is like hear the words, "I love you," but have it feel empty and untrue.

As an "almost" mommy, above all that I do, I want my children to know that I love their father and that I love them so much.  I want them to know each night they go to sleep that no matter what took place during the day, no matter the choices they made or how others may see them, that I love them unconditionally.

Love is something that I think those that have it can easily take for granted, and those that don't wish for more than anything.  I want the people that I come into contact with; my students, my family and my friends to know that I love and care about them.  I am so thankful for the many people in my own life that have shown me love.  They didn't stop loving me because of things I did, or who I was, but they loved me for me.

"I love you," powerful words that I hope everyone can have someone say to them, and know they mean it.

February 08, 2012

{Baby Movement}

It seems like the time is flying by, 
and with each passing week 
lots of new changes are taking place in our family...
First off, last week I started to feel the baby move for the first time!  It has been fun to feel the light movements and flutters.  It was also amazing, because Monday night Jason felt the little flutters as well. It was so sweet to see his face light up with he felt the little kick for the first time.
We are moving along with the weeks, and are now approaching the 18th week.  I know all we both can think about is our upcoming ultrasound where we get to not only find out that our baby is growing strong, but also hopefully if we are having a boy or a girl.

We know the baby is growing, because all of a sudden I have a bump that is there all the time (not just after I eat); and people are starting to notice.  It has been really funny with my middle school students because they don't know if they should ask, but they also don't know how to hide that they are trying to figure out if I am pregnant.  I overheard this conversation between two 6th grade boys, "I noticed she's carrying a little lower.  I think that means that she is having a girl."  They are keeping me entertained that's for sure.
Beside baby news, we are also excited because Jason's half-time job has been extended to a full-time position; at least until early April.  He is still teaching special ed. in the mornings at Straub Middle School, but now he is teaching special ed. in the afternoons at the new elementary down the hill, Kalapuya Elementary. We are very thankful for the extra blessing, and even more thankful that he is getting to get some time teaching elementary, which he loves so much. Thankful, and also praying that it would extend into something a little more permanent.