August 30, 2011

Beach Trip

A couple of weeks ago Jason and I got to spend a couple of nights at the beach as our last trip just the two of us for this summer.  The best part, was that the three days that we were there it was beautiful weather the whole time; like no clouds in the sky type of weather. :)  In fact it was nice enough that Jason and I went kayaking out on Devil's Lake.  It was so much fun to "zoom" around and imagine what it must be like to live in the beautiful homes that overlook the water. 
It was fun the first day, because my family was there, so we spent the day hanging out with them.  Of course we went shopping...something the guys were really excited about.  I enjoyed myself because I got three "teacher" tops and a pair of dress capris for $27!  It was at the Ann Taylor Loft one of my favorite places to go.  Since the weather was so amazing, after lunch at Mo's we spent some time on the beach.

It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with Kinsey too, since she is back up in Portland, and not right down the road to spend time with whenever I wanted to.  I am so thankful to have a sister that I love, but also that I love spending time with, and think of as a best proud of that girl.
After coming back from the beach, we had a couple of down days, and then my friend Lizzie asked me a question that I wasn't expecting..."Will you drive with me from Salem to Philly?"  For those who don't know that is over 3,000 miles of answer was yes...more to come about that trip soon :)

August 10, 2011

Family Vacation

This summer we have gotten to spend more time with friends and family; something that we are very thankful for.  Recently we went to Sisters with Jason's side of the family.  We got to stay in a beautiful cozy home for the week. We enjoyed sleeping in, Sister's Coffee Company, floating down the river and simply just spending time with family. 

Every time we drive over the pass to Central Oregon we are reminded of where we met almost ten years ago.  We met at Big Lake on a church winter retreat.  That was a life changing trip for both of us.
The girls along the Melolius River
Riding the chair lift up Mt. Bachelor
Playing disc golf on top of Mt. Bachelor!
Look at that form ;)
SNOW in the summer!

August 05, 2011

Got a Job!

Well, it is official...I got a job back at Claggett Creek Middle School!  It became official yesterday, but I will be a full-time employee as the Library Media Specialist.  Although it is not a classroom teaching position, I am so looking forward to spending time with the students and staff that I got to know last year. 

It amazes me how God knows the plan, and when I left there in June I wasn't sure if I would even have a job come September, let alone a job where I get to make an impact in the lives of students each day.  Excited for what's to come, and thankful for what Jason and I have been blessed with for this coming school year.