August 30, 2012

Smiles that Melt Your Heart

Blake Denver - TWO Months
  • He has grown to 11 lbs. 7 oz. and 23 1/4" long.
  • He is the in 60th percentile for height, the 38th percentile for weight, and the 15th percentile for head circumference.
  • He is now wearing Newborn and size 0-3 month clothes. 
  • He has moved to size 2 diapers.
  • He loves being swaddled with his arms out, so he can sleep with them above his head.
  • He smiled his first "real" smiles.
  • He will follow his mom and dad around the room with his eyes.
  • He loves looking at lights and moving fans.
  • He has slept through the night many times, and lets mom and dad get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night most nights.
  • He loves to fall asleep in someones arms or laying on your chest.
  • He had his first "play" dates this month...more playing to come in the following months.
  • He can roll over from his tummy to his back much more easily.
  • He can push himself up with him arms fully straight, and hold his head up all the way.
  • He does not like getting the hiccups or being burped.
  • He discovered his fingers, and has managed to suck his thumb a few times.
  • He had to take his first medicine for baby reflux (twice a day).
  • He went on his first of many family vacations to central Oregon and the Oregon Coast.
It is hard to believe that our sweet little boy is already two months old. He has become our life, and someone that when we are gone for just a little while we miss and can't wait to see again. The last two months have really been a blessing for Jason and I; especially since Jason got to be at home this whole two months. I know he has really treasured up his time with his son. I love seeing the two of them together and watch as Blake starts looking more and more like his daddy. Jason goes back to work this coming week, and although with work starting that means a schedule and routine are bound to come, which I love, I am really going to miss the lazy days of summer.
Cheering on daddy at a softball game.
Watching the Mariners with dad.
Buddy Owen...these little guys are two weeks apart :)
Goofy face :)
This summer we had the opportunity to get away with family a couple of times. We went to central Oregon with Jason's family and stayed in a house for the second summer in Tollgate, OR. I love that location because it is less than five minutes from Sisters, town I would not mind living in. We enjoyed spending time with family, and seeing Blake and his cousin Cayden interact with each other. It is obvious that she loves her little cousin and can't wait for him to be able to run around and play with her.

Sisters Coffee Company
We also got to go to the beach with my family.  It was Blake's first experience at the beach, and although he didn't like putting his toes in the sand, we all enjoyed some of the most beautiful Oregon Coast weather I have ever seen. We would set up a tent on the beach and spend the day relaxing and playing games in the warm sun. Blake even managed to take a few naps himself on the beach. :)
That's how he fell asleep :)

Blake got dedicated at church this last month as well. The dedication means that as parents we are making a declaration that we desire to raise our son to the values of the church, and desire to have those that attend to pray for and hold our family accountable to taking care and raising our son. It was neat to have our pastor talk about and pray for our sweet little guy. Jason and I met at Salem Heights when we were 14 years old, so the church is definately our second home, and a place that we are so thankful that Blake gets to grow up at.
Kinsey, my mom, Carrie, Charissa and Julie all threw me and Blake a wonderful family baby shower.  Blake loved being the star of the show, letting everyone hold him, giving smiles to his great grandmas and seeing all the cute clothes he was given. We are so thankful for the family that surrounds us. We were once again showered with love and awesome gifts. Blake is going to be one stylish little guy....excited to see him wear all the cute clothes.
Katrina came all the way from Alaska to celebrate Blake :)
Jason started back at work yesterday. He is teaching at Kalapuya Elementary, as the special education teacher for the 4th and 5th graders. He taught there last year since January, but this year he is full-time/permanent at the school! That is something that we have been praying for, for a long time. Very thankful.
I am loving being a mom, and as this new school year starts I am so thankful that I get to have the best job of raising up Blake and "teaching" him at home. I love teaching, but my passion right now is snuggling, feeding and watching my son grow.