August 17, 2010

Tohoe 2010

We got back a few weeks ago from the annual Tahoe camping trip with Jason's mom's side of the family. It was a lot of fun this year, and the weather was perfect everyday. We drove down, and had NO car trouble ;) Those of you that know Jason and my past with car trips know that is an amazing feat. We went to the lake everyday, relaxed, made smores, played disc golf, mini-golfed and played games. It was a wonderful week, and a much needed and appreciated vacation.
Below is a picture of a cliff...somehow I was convinced to jump off of it. I sat hunched on the edge of the cliff while everyone else went at least once. There was a seven year old girl who went seven times before I got up the guts to even stand up on the edge...haha. You know a cliff is higher than you expected when you have time to complete full thoughts as you plummet towards the water. :)We also went to a baseball game for Bryce's 50th birthday while we were down there. It was so much fun even though I didn't know anyone who was playing ;) There is something about being in a huge stadium with tons of screaming fans that makes you cheer too.