January 11, 2012

What a Week

This last week was quite the week...right after the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, I started to feel pretty bad.  I couldn't sleep that night, and the next morning I was coughing, throwing up and feeling pretty bad. I spent the whole day on the couch, and slept in the next morning.  I thought that was going to be the end of it, but I was wrong....

I went back to work Tuesday, after an awesome Christmas break.  I diffidently didn't feel 100%, but made it through, and came home and went to sleep.  Wednesday I went to school, but should have stayed in bed.  You know that's the case when a student says, "Mrs. Bernard you look horrible." That comment didn't sting as bad since I felt exactly like he said.  Wednesday night is when my cold took a turn for the worst.

I woke up Thursday morning with a 102 degree fever, was throwing up...and then became dehydrated. My doctor scheduled me for that afternoon to get IV fluids, and medicine.  I've never done that before, and when they say, "This medicine may make you sleepy," IT REALLY DOES! I was out for two hours at the hospital, and woke up after it was all done.

Thankfully after all that, I can say that I am feeling a lot better, and we seem to be back to our busy "normal" lives.  The baby is 13.5 weeks along, and we are looking forward to our next check-up appointment this next week.  I am over the morning sickness (for now) and I have more energy than I did even a couple weeks ago.  We also found out we will get to find out the gender of our baby around week 18; only about a month away.