September 26, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover

Well, it back to subbing for Jason and I, and we have been busy already this year with sub jobs.  Last year we only got about one sub job each in the month of September, and already I've had three (one more already scheduled), and Jason has had five (two more scheduled).  That is a blessing considering we have not been able to save any of the money we have made lately working our part-time jobs.  Although we were anticipating, and hoping this year was going to be drastically different with job (full-time teaching jobs) we are thankful for what we do have and the tentative plan for our near future.

In January Jason will be starting classes to gain his special education teaching endorsement that will eventually turn into a master's degree in special education.  He will be going to school part-time at Portland State.  He is excited about what's to come; and teaching special education is something that I know he will excel at.  God has gifted him in the areas of patience and flexibility...very important and essential for teaching in that specific area.  Although it will take him a little over a year to gain the endorsement, he will only be a few classes shy of gaining his master's degree when the program ends.  Getting his master's done this soon was not originally on our radar, but it is exciting to think that he will have that done and out of the way before we have kids and our lives get even busier.

Recently I was able to help out at the Extreme Home Makeover that took place at the Deaf School here in Salem.  I took sign language in high school and so I took trips with my class to the school before the make-over.  I also went through the haunted house with friends a few years ago before the total re-do....I must say I was scared walking through the haunted house when the lights were on!  It was so much fun working out there with my dad and the other hundreds of local people that took time out of their own lives to impact the lives of others.  It was neat to look around at midnight and see all the smiling hard-working people.  It was one of the most amazing and humbling experiences I have had.

Just a glimpse of the haunted house....amazing all that they can do in a week!
My dad and me :)

 Jason has also been playing on a softball team with some of his college friends and his dad, my dad and his friend's dad.  They have been playing softball pretty consistently since April...lots of games.  Recently they had a tournament up in Washington....they ended up doing pretty well, and seemed satisfied with their result.  It always amazes me how caught up in a game I will get...they can get pretty "intense"... :)
Tired out after a lot of softball games :)

September 06, 2010

Here Comes Fall

I can't believe that it is fall already! I really don't know where summer went. Lately Jason and I have been spending a lot of time with our friends and family, which is much needed. :) We are so thankful for the support and group of people that we have surrounded ourselves with. This is me with some of my best friends, Darcy and Lizzie. I have known them both since kindergarten and first grade :) So thankful.We are going to need all that support as we embark on yet another year of substitute teaching. I will be working at Starbucks again, but will be leaving Wednesday through Friday open for subbing (we get benefits through Sbux so I'll be there at least 20 hours a week). Jason will be full-time subbing this fall. Starting in January he will be starting a program at Portland State to get his special education teaching endorsement. All the classes will eventually transfer to a master's degree...but for now we are going to work towards him getting another certification and area that he can teach in. We are working hard at being content with where we are at. We were hoping and praying that this year would be different for us, but here we go again...We went to the fair this year. It is always fun to watch the shows and people watch...there are a lot of interesting people at the fair (that's a understatement). We watched the acrobats and the hypnotist. We also got to pet some pretty cute little animals:)We have also been enjoying the funny antics of our sweet little is a video of them "helping" me make the bed...