December 20, 2008

Snowy Weather

Well, Salem has been having some crazy winter weather the last couple of days! Jason and I both love the snow, so we are really enjoying this is really snowing hard right now. Thankfully we have a cozy apartment. We have been on Christmas break for a week now, so that has been nice. Next semester we have student teaching. I will be at Parrish Middle School teaching 6th and 7th graders, and Jason will be at Silverton High School teaching history. It is so crazy to think that we are almost done with more semester to go! Here are some pictures of us over the past week :)

December 07, 2008

Getting Our First Christmas Tree

Jason and I went out with my mom and dad to get our first Christmas tree for our apartment. :) Here was the process :)

Happy Thanksgiving

Jason and I had a busy thanksgiving this year, going to two thanksgiving celebrations in one day...but it was so good to see our families. Here are some pictures from our first thanksgiving as a married couple. :)

November 22, 2008

SIX Month Anniversary and the Fall

I can't believe it, but it is true, Jason and I have now been married for OVER 6 months! Our anniversary was on Monday this last week, and we were able to celebrate together. After school we drove to Bridgeport Village and ate at Claim Jumper...a great was so nice to get to spend some time together and get aways from Salem if even for only a little while. :) After dinner we walked around and looked at all the shops, and spent some time in Boarders just hanging out with each other. Bridgeport is like a little escape. It made me feel like we were in a small European town the way it is laid out and decorated. They even had some Christmas decorations up, which I loved :) I know that I have loved being married this last six months to Jason. It has been such an easy transition to being husband and wife, and I am just so blessed to get to wake up and call him my husband each morning. I look forward to many more anniversaries and milestones to come. :)

Jason has been pretty busy with all his ASB (Associated Student Body) work. This last week he helped coordinate the all school talent show...and played a little part in it himself :) The whole ASB did a dance together, which was pretty funny. Here are some pictures of Jason and his co-ASB members all decked out in their outfits.

Just an update...out cat is still doing well...he has diffidently made our house his home...

November 05, 2008

Our Newest Family Member: Mozzarella

Well...I thought it was about time Jason and I introduced you to our newest family member....

He is a cat...a sickly one at that...haha....Jason was out on a pizza delivery, and the little guy jumped in his car and curled up on the long story short we are now his foster parents...the vet said he is over 10 years old, and that we are doing a "good thing" giving him a home. I have never been a cat person, but I must say the little guy is making me like him more and more. He is a very sweet cat...

Here is our family now, Jason, Lauren and Mozzarella

Here Motz is drinking out of the or dog??

October 31, 2008

Senior Year

Well, this is it, our last year in school and first year of marriage. . .
So far, the year is flying by, and we are both staying pretty busy. . .

Jason is taking a lot of history classes and seems to be balancing his busy schedule. He is running cross country this year, and has his final meet in a week in Seattle. I am so proud of him for all the work that he has done with this sport. There were days this season where he would run over 16 miles during one practice! It will be so strange not watching him run anymore, but soon he will be coaching I am sure, so that will be fun to watch. He is still working at Garlic Jim's Pizza, and seems to still love his job.

I am loving this year too, and staying busy balancing work, school and being a newly wed. I am not taking to many classes, so I get a little more free time then Jason. I love my job at Starbucks. It has been a long time since I could say that about a job that I have had, but it is so fun, and it changes each day.

Both of us will be student teaching at one of the local schools this coming spring. I think that we are both a little excited, and of course nervous for the experience. But it does mean that we are one step closer to graduating this May. That is something I think we both are really looking forward to!

All in all, we are loving being married and setting up our home and new lives together. After dating for over six years, being married was a lot easier transition. It is so much fun to know that I get to go home and spend time with my best friend no matter what the rest of my day was filled with. It is so amazing that on November 17th we will have already been married for SIX months! Time sure does fly by fast!