March 17, 2010

Fetching Cat?

We are very proud of the talents of our children...

There you have it...a pretty amazing kitty. :)

March 11, 2010

Enjoying the Last of Winter

Well, first off it is important to say that Jason and I decided not to go to Indonesia to teach. There were a lot of reasons...some being that for going somewhere for two years, we didn't feel excited about the idea. We also prayed a lot about it for the two weeks leading up to our decision. Once we let them know it felt so good, and we knew that we had made the right decision.
We had a great Valentine's Day, and I got to celebrate my birthday for a few days in a row. Jason got me some beautiful roses (shown above :) We went to Sunriver with my family over Valentine's Day. I am 23 now...time sure goes by fast... ;)

Besides that, we have both been subbing a lot all throughout Salem and Jefferson. We are both done with our 3-week (each) student teaching, so we are very close to getting our elementary endorsements. That should help us in the job market this upcoming year since we will both be able to apply for all elementary jobs plus Jason in history (middle and high), and language arts (middle and high) for me. I know we both don't want to have to go through another year where we are both working two jobs each and never having time to do anything but work. This week I am pushing 60 hours between my two jobs. Don't get me wrong, we are VERY thankful for the jobs that we have, but to focus on one job, and be teaching, which is what we both want to be doing, would be ideal.Last weekend I got to go on the annual woman's retreat with Salem Heights Church. It was AWESOME!! I needed the break, and got to spend so much "girl" time with the other young ladies at church. It was so much fun to go shopping, go out to eat and stay up late talking. I am so excited about the friendships that were begun, and the ones that grew a ton over that weekend! I have been praying for more girlfriends, and what's crazy is that talking last weekend we were all praying the same thing! Jason and I have been hanging out with so many young married couples, and it is awesome. We are all at around the same place in life, so we share funny stories and are hopefully creating lasting friendships :)
I will leave you with a funny quote from one of my kindergarten boys:

"I put some smelly stuff on today. I wanted to be handsome."