April 29, 2015

becoming a {family}

"Father to the fatherless...God places the lonely in families..."
Psalm 68:5

From the time I was a little girl, I somehow knew what adoption was. My Barbie's had adopted children, and I always secretly hoped that my parents would adopt a big brother for me. As far as I know, I wasn't exposed to adoption specifically; had no friends that were adopted, or family taking that step. It was just something that was always on my mind, and slowly became part of my heart. When Jason and I were dating even, the topic of adoption was discussed between us, and only continued to become deeper as we started our own family. 

"YOU are a helper of the fatherless..."
Psalm 10:14

What many people don't know, is that our adoption process has already been in "process" for almost two years. Back in May 2013 we made the first of many phone calls to our case worker to find out the initial steps we needed to take. Since then, we have really left this dream to adopt in the Lord's hands. We are confident that if we are to adopt, that He has the perfect child for our family. We are not rushing the process...not that you really can. We feel that if this is where our hearts are at, that it is going to happen in His perfect timing, not our own. There is a huge sense of peace that comes along with that; letting go.

"When I wait, You strengthen my heart."
Psalm 27:14

We also decided to adopt through DHS (Department of Human Services). This means that a child we adopt is coming out of the foster care system. This form of adoption required, and I am so thankful, many hours or training. I will write about that later on, but the training's were, and will be critical in knowing how to best care for and love the child that is placed in our home. 


Current Update: As of February 2015, we were re-certified, and our initial home study was re-activated for another year. We are able to "put in" for specific children if we choose. We are being very specific on the children we are putting in for, putting the needs of our two boys first, as well as our family in general. 

May 29, 2013 (journal to our future child)

Adoption is something I always knew  I wanted to do, but now we better know this was and is God's timing. Right now we are praying for your safety and health...We love you! Mom