March 27, 2013

3 Quarters of a Year Old.

Blake Denver - NINE Months

I was recently reminded by a friend that this month marks the fact that Blake has been in this world the same amount of time that he had been in my womb. WOW. In those 18+ months this little boy went from microscopic cells to the smiling, sweet baby boy I am watching play with a new toy at my feet. After watching him grow from a small bump on my tummy, to a baby ready and raring to crawl I have to praise God for His hand and His blessing. Jason and I constantly thank the Lord for the blessing of Blake, and the grace that He shows us daily in helping us raise our son. Our minds are blown when we watch Blake discover new things, and look at us with that smile of understanding.
Thankful for you, our sweet little baby boy.
  • He is now 19lbs. 1.5oz. (25-50 percentile), 28.5 in (50-75 percentile).
  • He said, "DaDa," first, followed soon after by, "Mama."
  • His other favorite sounds: clicking your tongue, blowing bubbles and "gaga."
  • He is rolling all over, and will scoot on his head while pushing with his feet to move forward.
  • His favorite toys this month: magazines, straws and spoons, blocks and anything that when thrown makes a new sound :).
  • He has figured out toys with buttons, so he really enjoys playing with his musical toys.
  • His NEW foods tried this month: wheat cereal, blackberries, spinach, raspberries, puff crackers, yogurt bites (feed yourself with these) and chicken by itself (not a big fan of this one).
  • He LOVES his two cats. The moment he either sees or hears them, a huge smile and sound of excitement can be seen and heard.
  • He sadly got the flu this last month...thankfully it only last hours, and he was such a trooper; still smiling even when he felt so yucky.
  • He got to have his first sleep-over with his two-year old cousin Cayden. They love getting to see each other, and they had a lot of fun together: playing in the backyard, taking a bath and snuggling. :)
  • He went on his first bike-ride with Grandpa and Grandma Nolz. He rode in the trailer...see many more rides and memories to come. :)
  • He discovered mom's eyelashes, and still continues to hold my face while I feed of my favorite things.
    Bath-time with cousin Cayden
    Blake and Mama
    First bike-ride with Grandpa and Grandma Nolz
  • LimeBerry with Great Grandpa and Grandma Bernard

March 16, 2013

Chalkboard Paint

Oh chalkboard paint, if only I had been the one that invented you...there are just so many possibilities. Funny how it is so popular now that schools have transitioned to the digital age. I love this home decor trend, but especially love when it is used in a new way.

I decided to use some chalkboard spray paint with my latest project. I picked up a kids table and chair set at local second-hand store for $13. It was the classic white top with light wood...a little dingy looking, but with some chalkboard paint this table was given new life. Like my husband, Jason, said, "Two-year old Blake will love it." :)

Supplies Needed:
                                        1. Kids table and chair set.
                                        2. Screw driver (taking the table-top and chair seats off for painting)
                                        3. Chalkboard spray paint, and white spray paint.
Total Cost:  Around $20
Before: $13.00 table and chair set.
After: Completed chalkboard tabletop and chair seats.

So in LOVE with how this table turned out. 
Excited to get it upstairs and start turning our family room 
into a room that our family can actually enjoy and spend time in. 
Can't wait to see the many art projects and fun our kids and their 
friends will have around this little table.