April 26, 2013

"How big is Blake?"

Blake Denver - TEN Months
  • He is now 20lbs. 5oz. and eating all the time.
  • He celebrated Aunt Kinsey's 22nd birthday up in Portland...she gets married only FOUR short months, and then Blake will gain an uncle.
  • He went to the library to check out books with mom and dad during spring break.
  • He went down a slide...with mom...for the first time at Riverfront Park.
  • He has mastered army crawling...uses one arm to pull and the other to push.
  • His favorite toys this month: his new sensory board, stuffed animals and any toy with a button or light (that includes the TV remote and cell phones).
  • His NEW foods tried this month: apricot and cinnamon (mixed in with his cereal). Attempting to try more 'finger' foods...as of now he isn't to interested.
  • He is now only eating formula from a bottle...after he and I both got the flu and colds his interest and my supply just weren't the same.
  • He celebrated his first Easter. Even got to participate in his first Easter Egg Hunt at church.
  • He enjoys listening to music, and has started bobbing his head and "singing" when it comes on.
  • He sadly got a cold, which then spread to his sweet little eyes. What a trooper though, he still smiled through it all.
  • He LOVES being outside, whether it is a walk or playing on a blanket. First time his feet felt the grass was pretty cute. :)
  • He went on his first bike-ride with Grandpa and Grandma Nolz. He rode in the trailer...see many more rides and memories to come. :)
  • He discovered how to fake cough, blow food bubbles and growl this month...oh what a sweet, silly little boy.
Happy 22nd Birthday sister! :)
Owen and Blake out to lunch (only a couple weeks apart in age)