March 14, 2011

* * New Things * *

Time for a Bernard update....many NEW and EXCITING things going on in our lives... :)

I had my 24th birthday on February 22, and it was a week long celebration, which I was fine with.  We got to spend time with both sides of our family.  I felt very loved that's for sure.  Julie made me a quilt, which you can see I love. :)
My new quilt, made by Jason's mom.

Kinsey, Me and Mom at Mo's
I also got to go on the woman's retreat this year with Salem Heights church.  There were over 250 women on the retreat, which was amazing.  This year was especially fun since my sister was able to come.  I also stayed in a room with four other girls, and we had an adjoining room that had another four. :) It was so refreshing to get to spend the weekend learning about forgiveness, healing and resting in God's plan.  That is something that I need to remember constantly.
Me, Kinsey, Jincy, Stephanie, Natalie, Michelle and Caley
Me and Elle
God's amazing creation.
Next...Jason has a full-time teaching job to the end of the school year!! He is teaching special education at Waldo Middle School.  It is the job that he was a long term substitute teacher in since the middle of January, and it finally became a full-time teaching job. :) Although Salem-Keizer can't hire permanent teachers until this summer...what with so many budget cuts...we are hoping this could open up doors for him next year! :)  Here he is in his classroom...and the bulletin board that he and I made last week to track his student's progress. :)  I am so proud of him!
Mr. Bernard's classroom.
Iditarod behavior tracking board...I was pretty impressed.
Auntie and Uncle and our little niece!
And....Jason and I can now also be called an UNCLE and AUNT! Bryan (Jason's brother) and Charissa had their first baby girl, Cayden Elizabeth Ann Bernard. :)  She is VERY loved that is for sure, and such a sweet little baby.  I am SO thankful that we didn't choose to move far away...this is exactly what we didn't want to miss. :)
Sweet baby girl!
Little angel that we WILL spoil ;)
Next...we are looking forward to our spring vacation to MAUI!!! We leave this coming Friday to drive up to Seattle and fly out from there!  Update and many pictures from that trip to come soon. :)