June 05, 2010

"You are still only subbing?"

Well, the school year is almost done, and we are still in the same spot when it comes to teaching jobs for the future. With school district's budgets being stretched there has been a freeze put on the overall hiring process. Jason is doing a lot better at being open minded about our situation...it is hard still waiting. I know that God has great things planned for us, but it sure is hard waiting to see what those things are.

Lately I've been asked this question over and over, "You are still only subbing?" Let me be honest here for a second...there are two words in that short question that have me wondering. First off, 'still.' It is diffidently not our first choice to be substitute teaching. But, it is a job where we get to use the degrees that we went to four plus years of school for. It is one of the least appreciated and challenging jobs I have ever done. You can't be nice it seems or the students walk all over you. So, no we are not 'still' subbing, we are subbing.

Secondly, comes the word 'only.' Again this goes back to the idea that we are choosing to sub rather than have our own classroom (completely untrue). Jason actually had someone ask him if he was taking it "easy," and "just subbing." The reality is, that even though the 'experts' promise more jobs, with each job we apply anywhere from 100-400 other people also applying. In fact this year it has been rumored that many principals won't even get a choice in who they hire; districts will simply move teachers around instead of hiring new. Also, we are not 'only' subbing. We each have had multiple weeks where we work over 50 or 60 hours...I try not to think about the amount of work we are working versus the monetary gain we are able to make.

I am so thankful for my strong, level headed husband, that does not let life's curve-balls strike him down. When I am feeling discouraged he is right there to point me back to the Word, and the promises that Christ made to me, that ALL things will work together for good. I realize that I need to stop waiting for the good and notice the good all around me.

Just a few of the things I am thankful for: