November 24, 2011

Thankful for Baby Bernard!

It is official....I haven't written for awhile due to the fact we wanted to keep this secret for a little while.....
Jason and I have been keeping a secret, and are so excited to share with the world that we are.....


We feel so blessed that it is happening; and that for us it happened so quickly.  We officially found out on Halloween; even though I told Jason at the beginning of October that I knew I was pregnant....I took at least five tests in three days because I couldn't believe that it had actually happened so quickly.  There is nothing like the feeling of seeing the word, "Pregnant" pop up on the screen.
Test #5....I couldn't believe it for some reason until this one said "YES"
In less than two weeks we will have another sonogram to verify our due date of around July 14th.  Normally they wouldn't test again, but our dates are a little off considering how quickly we got pregnant.

I am thankful that we get to see our little one again.  It was amazing seeing it for the first time.  We got to see it's bitty heart pumping...God is so amazing to make something so small already have life flowing through it.  In two weeks we should not only see it moving again, but should actually hear the heartbeat.
Once again, AMAZING.
We have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Growing Family!

November 12, 2011

Coach Bernard

Well...we are still waiting on the Bernards are good at waiting.....we have worked on it a lot the last few years....just because we have worked on it though, does not mean that we enjoy waiting.  In a nutshell, we were informed after-the-fact, that the owner of the home had filed bankruptcy.  So we are in limbo, waiting for a judge to say that yes the best interest of everyone is to give us the house, or no it will also fall under his bankruptcy.  Apparently, his listing agent forgot to include this "minor" detail on all the paperwork that we signed....praying that it will all work out smoothly, and quickly.

On a better note, Jason got to be Coach Bernard this fall!  In late August he was asked if he wanted to be head cross country coach in the same week he was offered his position at Straub.  I think he was more excited about the coaching. :)  He ended up having over 70 kids run consistently the whole season! 
His team was AMAZING this year.  
All-City Cross Country Meet 2011
His top two runners, Reece (8th grade) and Brooke (8th grade), finished first in every single meet, and were the All-City Champions this year! I would say that is pretty good for a first year coach? :)
3k Girl's team before the final race: They finished 4th overall 
3k Boy's Team: These boys were amazing and finished FIRST as a team at All-City
Start of the 6th Grade 2k Run
It was so much fun to watch him coach, and see the passion he has for running rub off on all the kids that were running.  This is a sport that Jason introduced me to almost 10 years ago when I went to watch him run for the first time.  I love watching the strain and the fight it takes to be a quality runner. 
Nice work Coach B.

November 04, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We got the house! I can hardly believe it myself, considering we were thinking we were going to have to wait until at least after Thanksgiving to hear back from the bank.  This whole process actually went quite smooth.  I think a lot of it was due to the fact that we were willing to wait if it meant getting a home that we really felt was meant to be our home.  I never would have thought we would put an offer on a short-sale house.  In fact we were warned to NOT get into that because they are so hard complete the sale. 

For awhile there I was wondering if we would also fit into one of those statistics, since we found out that two banks had loans on the home (rarely does a house get approved and sold when two banks are involved).  But....WE GOT THE HOUSE! : )

Needless to say, this has been a VERY exciting week at the Bernard "apartment." 

Introducing our future home....that is if the inspection goes well:

Our Home: Salem, OR 97306
2,165 square feet
3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms
Living Room/Family Room/BONUS Room!
Front Living Room: Vaulted ceilings with cozy fireplace and bay window.

Kitchen: Has a HUGE pantry...needs some TLC, but great size!

Master Bedroom: Walk-In closet, bay window and large room overall.

Master Bathroom: My FAVORITE detail in the master bathroom!
Backyard: Patio and perfect size yard for what we need, and can take care of right now.

Some of our favorite parts that we don't have pictures of yet...
1. Bonus Room: located up a few stairs, right over the garage.  This room is half the size of our apartment :)
2. The fact that there is a separate living and family room.
3. The fact that there are three bedrooms, and a separate full bathroom in the master bedroom.

Needless to say, we are SO thankful and feel so blessed for this opportunity. Awesome week! :)