November 10, 2009

Future Plans...and Present Life

I can't believe how busy this year is, and how fast it is going by! It's hard to imagine, although I am excited about the fact, that Christmas is just next month. I love this time of the year, and have officially started listening to Christmas music...which those that know me, know that starting this "late" is saying a lot :)
Jason and I are both subbing in the Salem-Keizer School District and the surrounding smaller districts. We have been getting requested at the same schools over and over, which is nice because we are getting to know the students. Jason has been fortunate enough to get a long term sub position at Hammond Elementary, where he is teaching 4th grade. Speaking of elementary school...this coming spring semester, I am going to begin taking classes to get my elementary endorsement. I never thought I would be teaching elementary, but since I have gotten to sub a lot at that level, I have grown to love it! I need to take three classes at the graduate level, write a work sample, and do a student teaching. I applied, and now am just waiting on the financial aide. Applying...that is something that both Jason and I are both getting pretty good at. We recently sent off our applications to the school in Indonesia, Sekolan Pelita Harapan ( Right now we are just waiting to hear back from the school to see if they have placements for both of us. The school is currently contacting the people on our reference lists we supplied them. Right now is hard though, since we are in a limbo of not knowing. We can't plan for the future, but at the same time it's hard to stop your brain from going to what might happen. We are praying a lot about what to do, and where we should go, but at this point we are both feeling good about the option of Indonesia. At the same time we are open to the possibility that there may not be a position for us...only time will tell, but we will keep you updated. :) The school that is located right outside of Jakarta is shown above. There is also a brand new school that is in Jakarta that will be opening up this coming school year that we could also be placed at.Even with our busy schedules, we have been working hard at making time for each other. Last Friday we had a whole "date day," where we woke up, after sleeping in :), got coffee and headed up to Portland for the day. We got to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner off a gift card my parents gave us, then we headed to the Blazer game. They won, and it was an exciting game! We were one row from the TOP of the whole stadium, but even sitting up that high we had an awesome time, I don't think there are any really bad seats. It was a great day!Our little kittens are awesome as well! They seem to get more and more sweet if that is even possible. When I am with them it is hard to believe that I was ever scared of cats. They have diffidently become part of the Bernard family. Oh, by the way Calli (shown below) loves water...