June 08, 2009

Graduation...Camping...and Kittens

Well...since I last wrote Jason and I have been very busy, but it has been a good kind of busy. We are both officially college graduates, and are looking forward to what this next part of our lives is going to look like. Currently we do not have any clear leads as to possible job openings, but we are sending out some resumes along with the applications to the few places we have found that know that they are going to be hiring for this next year. With the economy and how caught up many people have become with money, we are counting ourselves blessed and lucky considering that we both have jobs, even if they are part time. My job at Starbucks gets both of us great health care benefits, which thankfully we haven't had to use at all during the first year of our marriage. I really do hope that no matter where and what we end up doing in our lives that money will not be what our lives revolve around. There is so much more to life that we want to experience.

After graduation we got to have one last fun time with our best friends, Jordan and Katrina, before they moved up to Anchorage, AK. Katrina is from there, so we are really happy that they were able to go back and spend time with family, and from talking with her on the phone and sending letters, it is clear to me that they are really happy and content for the time being up there...but we still really miss them. Before they left though, we went yurting up at Beverly Beach for a couple nights. The first day was beautiful, and the boys even got a little sunburned. The second day was typical beach weather, very rainy and stormy. It was so much fun to create even more memories with them, and we know there will be many more.

We have now also been married for ONE year! We laugh at that since we have actually be dating for almost seven year total, so starting the count again is a little sad. We had a wonderful anniversary though. We drove up to Seattle and went to a Mariner game...some of you may have seen up on TV on FSN during the game. We sat in the Hit it Here Cafe for the whole game, which was a lot of fun. The food was great, and it was a great view of the game even if they lost. It was nice to get away after our busy year and see all that we did and made it though. This was a wonderful first year of marriage, but it sure was busy!

Here are some updated pictures of our kittens, "Calli" and "Hobbes." We found out when we took them to the vet that Calvin was not a boy so we changed her name to fit her a little better :) Calli is the black one, and Hobbes is the orange/blonde one. :) We love them a lot! Jason actually built that the cat tree, which they love to climb all over :)