June 26, 2013

Happy FIRST Blake!

Blake Denver - ONE YEAR OLD
One year ago Jason and my hearts were stolen by a tiny little man,
who has grown into such a sweet, smiley and happy little boy.
It is impossible to imagine life without him in it.
The moment he was placed in my arms I was in love.
It has been such a wonderful year, and we feel blessed each day to get to be Blake's mom and dad.
So thankful for his happy smiles and all that he is learning.
  • He is ONE YEAR OLD! Amazing.
  • He is now over 22lbs...we will know more exact after his 12 month doctor appointment.
  • He has TWO teeth now; both on the bottom...so cute! He is working on the top ones now.
  • He has many new tricks like: pointing his finger when asked, "How old are you?", raising his arms when asked, "How big is Blake?", learned the sign for "more"...used when he wants food ;) and dances to music.
  • His favorite toys this month: WHEELS! Anything from cars to the vacuum cleaner, his music toys and the cats... ;)
  • His NEW foods tried this month: TONS of "real" people food like pears, lunch meat, bread and jelly and lasagna. :) All hits!
  • He is loving practicing walking...he smiles the whole time, unless he falls down.
  • He "dances" to music when it comes on all on his own...even has started "singing" along.
  • He LOVES the pool...whether that's his little backyard pool or the pool at swim lessons...water baby.
  • He rode on the back of a bike with mom for the first time, and loved it!
  • He celebrated father's day...so thankful for his daddy and the wonderful grandpas and great-grandpas in Blake's life. :) 
  • He has learned how to go from laying down to sitting up all on his own...and pulls up, but only when he wants to, which is often times in the bathtub...
  • He discovered the stairs...only went up a couple...and may have gone down a couple too...
  • He celebrated his dad completing his Master's in Special Education. YEAH!
  • He is starting to feed himself with a fork...he was very proud of himself with that feat.
  • He had his first official swim lesson...and LOVED it! Went underwater and everything! :)
Playing at Riverfront Park.
Clapping for silly daddy :)
Loving on his "Mama."