December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

10 Weeks 5 Days
We got to go into the doctor for another check-up today and were surprised when we got to have another quick ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing well.  We were laughing out loud because the little guy or girl was pushing off and springing into the air.  Even the doctor said we have a very active little one.  Maybe a athlete in the future?  I don't think I have felt any of these movements yet, but I am sure that will come soon. :)

We watched the baby use its' little arms to grab its' feet, which was sweet.  The heart is beating strong, and the baby is growing right on track.  We did find out today that we have about 7.5 weeks to wait until we find out for sure if it is a boy or girl...I am leaning towards boy, but we will see.  We have another check-up in four weeks, but thankful for the little show we got to witness today.
Nolz Side Family Christmas 2011
On Sunday we had the Nolz Family Christmas at my parents house.  It is always good to get the family together, especially now that there are so many kiddos growing up and running around.  It cracks me up because each year the "little" girls find Jason and climb all over him and follow him around.  My cousin said they always ask if, "Lauren and her boy are coming?" Now that they are getting bigger he gets overpowered more often than not. :) I love this time of the year....thankful for family and friends.

December 15, 2011


The last two weeks have been us waiting and looking forward to seeing our little one again to pinpoint "exactly" when he or she will make their appearance into the world.  So, on Thursday this last week, our waiting was over, and we were once again blown away.
In just two weeks our little baby almost quadrupled in size, and weight.  This time she put the jelly on my tummy...which is growing a little bit. :) Instantly there on the screen was our little one. The red arrow is pointing to the head, and if you follow it down you can see the little arm, and then the two little feet. Our baby is about an inch long right now, and is about the size of a green olive. :) It's little fingers and toes are almost done forming, and the brain is growing at an amazing rate.  It is amazing to think that all that change and growth is happening without me doing anything.
9 Weeks
While we were listening to the heartbeat, we saw the little feet start kicking! I knew that I loved this little baby, but the second I saw the little feet move my heart literally felt like it was bursting out of me.  To think that already our baby is moving blew both of us away!  The rest of the night we couldn't stop talking about what we had seen on the screen, and how something so small can have us loving it more than anything else.

The doctor says the baby is looking healthy, and the heartbeat is strong; all good signs, and something any expecting parents want to hear.  He also let us know that our "official" due date is: July 14th 2012