July 13, 2013

"Working Mama"

This last week Jason and I changed roles, to working mom and stay-at-home dad.  I will be honest, my mama heart was breaking Monday morning when I was awakened by an alarm instead of the cries of my son. I knew that my men were going to be fine, and that they were going to have a blast, but it was strange knowing that I wouldn't be a part of it.  Maybe that's what the struggle was...I didn't want to miss out.
I have been away from my baby before, but there is something different knowing that it is going to be for a few weeks and many days in a row. Granted there are thousands of moms that wake up each morning knowing they will be spending time at work, but for the past year my work has been snuggling, changing, feeding and playing with my gift, my son.

"...my work has been 
snuggling, changing, feeding and playing 
with my gift, my son."

As the week went on, I heard stories over the phone about walks to the park, trips to the library and wrestling at home. I realized that my husband was getting the chance to connect with our son in a way he wouldn't be able to do if I was there too. I realized that Blake was getting to learn new things that I wouldn't necessarily be able to teach him on my own. Wow. 
Thankful for a husband that want's to invest in his son's life, who wants to get down on the floor and 'baby-talk.' Their relationship is so precious, and so special. I can see the love in both their eyes when I catch them playing, or when Jason is reading Blake a bedtime story. Thankful for a short-term job for me, that's allowing me to re-awaken my passion for teaching. This 'working mama,' is surely blessed.

July 07, 2013

Birthday Boy!

This last weekend we got to celebrate Blake's first birthday, and it was so wonderful. To see his smiles, and watch all those family members that love him so much enjoying watching his joy, was perfect. This sweet little boy is:
thoughtful, sweet, smiley, loving, silly, 
and so many more things. He is learning and doing so many new things, and celebrating a birthday can now also be added to that list.
He really enjoyed opening his presents, and would instantly want to play with the toy that he just opened. Made me so happy to see the pure joy, and genuine smiles that would cross his face with each new thing, whether socks or a big blue wagon with wheels.  I also love that he is starting to look and act so much like his daddy (see above picture for just one example). If he is as godly and loving as his dad then I am one lucky mom.
We sang happy birthday, and he was memorized by the candle and the song that everyone was singing. Then came what we were all excited about, Blake eating the cupcake...First off, Blake doesn't really ever like sticky or squishy food on his fingers...so the frosting was a little strange until he tried it. He liked it, so he took a bigger bite...we all cheered and then the tears came. Whether it was a mixture of embarrassment, too much food, or whatever, Blake was sad and needed his mom. To calm down what do you do? Rub your frosting and cake covered fingers on your mamas face. :) After he calmed down, he was all good eating again.
After he was good and messy, Blake got to take a bubble bath outside! If you know Blake, you know that he love his baths, and he loves being outside, so this was a double treat for him. I'm pretty sure he would have stayed in there all night if we had let him.
Grandma snuggles.
Great-Grandma and Blake snuggled in his pj's.
Happy birthday sweet baby boy. Blake Denver Bernard, know that you have changed our lives, only for the better. You have made my husband a dad, and that change has been wonderful to watch. You are a light in our lives, but it is evident that you light up any room that you go into. So blessed by this last year, getting to watch you learn and grow. Thankful that God blessed me with you, knowing that you would be the perfect addition to our family. On to year TWO! :)