August 19, 2009


As of tomorrow I will officially have my ONE year anniversary at Starbucks...knowing that sure makes me feel like the year has gone by way too fast! Who would have thought that after I graduated from college...I would not be able to even get more than one interview in my job field, but would be continuing on in my carrier as a barista :) I must say though, that I am so thankful for my job, and love all the wonderful people I get to work with and serve coffee too :) Here is to another year? Here is to the future :)

August 13, 2009

As Summer Comes to an End...

It is so hard to believe that summer is almost over! The thought that has set in even more lately, is the fact that Jason and I will not be going back to school as the student, but as the teacher. No news yet on any possible teaching jobs...we are officially signed up to substitute in the Salem-Keizer School District, and are in the process of applying to other districts. There are few teaching jobs opening up, and from what I hear over 150 applicants per job posting. I did just apply to two more openings today, so who knows what the future will hold there. :)

Jason and I just got back from Tahoe for a family reunion for his mom's side of the family. I have never been there, and it was beautiful! I could tell his family was so excited to show me around the place that they all love visiting. Tahoe reminded me of a mix of Sunriver and the Metolius. We got to camp in our tent for the first official time, which was a lot of fun! One of the nights we were there Jason and I were awoke by a black bear...I actually saw it walk by our tent, and we could hear it breathing only feet from us! It was a great trip!

Then just this last weekend we were able to go to the beach with my family for the night, and stay in a yurt. It was a great getaway, and the weather was beautiful. It was over 70 degrees...something that doesn't happen all that much on the Oregon Coast.

Jason will be in his second wedding this summer this coming weekend. Two of his roommates from Corban got married this summer, Matt and Erin and then John and Rachael. Matt and Erin got married here in Salem and this weekend John and Rachael are getting married outside of Eugene. I really do love weddings, and because of that I will begin training to take over the wedding coordinator position at Salem Heights in the next year. That was something that was unexpected, and that I am so excited about. :)

Until next time...