January 15, 2016

in the wait.

Nope, just wait.
Just wait, I've got this...
We've all been there; in the wait. It's especially hard to wait when you're waiting for something good, something you can't do on your own. We are in the wait for our third child...and what a beautifully painful wait it is to wade through adoption.


This past fall, we were selected to go to committee for a sweet, little, baby boy. Shortly after the committee met, we found out we were the family placed in second position. Second.  Second is a hard place to be, when you could so easily picture what it would have been like if the decision had gone the other way.

Our hearts are overjoyed to know that this little one has a new forever home.


We couldn't have known the pain that would come though, from those words, "almost."
The tears came, and just flowed. It was confusing because their was pain, mixed with joy for this boy we had prayed would find his family. That prayer was answered. Praise God!

"Mom, I want you to put your tears away."

Crazy thing is, this loss to us, of what could have been, means we are closer to finding our child. 
We are closer to meeting them. 
We are closer to bringing them home. 
We are closer; and we will continue the wait.

adoption : the act or process of beginning 
to use something new or different