June 23, 2011

Seattle for the Weekend

Jason and I had our first mini-vacation of the summer last weekend up in Seattle.  We drove up Saturday morning and spent the morning wandering around Pike's Place Market. Seattle is such a fun town to visit, with lots to look at and many different things to take part in.  I personally love the many unique shops and vendors, with all their bright colors even on a dreary wet northwest day...Jason and I are considering trading in our "teaching" jobs and opening our own booth :)

Later on that evening, we headed to Safeco Field to cheer on the Mariners...needless to say our cheering didn't help them win, but we had a great time being at the ballpark.  There is something about actually watching the game when you are only a few rows from the field versus watching it at home.  Jason would want me to mention that we were present for Dustin Ackley's first major league home run...actually it was pretty exciting since we were only around 15 seats away from where the ball eventually landed.

It was so good to get away even if it was just for a little bit to escape the reality back at home...this has been a great school year, but also a really hard one.  I know that we have both learned a lot about not only teaching but also ourselves.  It was so good to get away together to remind each other that no matter what happens, we have each other...that support is something I am so thankful for.  So, on to summer...Let's hope it's only good things to come. :)

June 15, 2011

Last Day of School...of Claggett

5th/10th Period: English 7
Student's Notes to Me :)
These mean so much to me...
The reason why I teach...
Well, today was my last day of students at Claggett Creek...and my last full day there as a teacher.  It's amazing to think that this year went by so fast, and how much we were able to accomplish.  I know that my students learned a lot, but I also learned so much.  What a learning experience to come into a position at the beginning of November....to classes with no structure...no assignments...and then came me....someone who is a planner and likes to think of creative projects and assignments.  Needless to say, I think I was somewhat of a shock to my students at the beginning.
2nd/7th Period: Read 180

3rd/9th Period: English 7 (only half the class :)
Love spending time with this group :)

But we got used to each other, worked with each other, and by the end of the year it was hard to see them go.  I am so proud of all that they have accomplished and the strengths that they have been able to build upon.  As a teacher it would be easy to say you judge your success based on grades or test scores...which my students excelled :)...but for me how I judge my student's success on how they are doing compared to where they started, not just academically but personally.  Going on that criteria, this year was a landslide success. I am so proud of them, and know this year impacted their lives...which is why I love teaching in the first place.

Today is bittersweet though...as of now, I do not have a teaching job for the next school year, even though I am loved and appreciated my my administration and staff.  It makes it harder leaving for the summer knowing that once again my future is unknown.  I have learned so much, and have made some great friends in the teachers I had the privilege of working alongside.  We will see what the future brings...here are some pics of what we participated in after-school today :)

Claggett Creek Middle School: Mrs. Bernard 2010-2011 :)