May 29, 2012

Waiting for a Boy

We are patiently waiting for our little boy to arrive. There have been ups and downs throughout my pregnancy; times when fears would creep in, and times when I was so excited to meet this new member of our family.  Now that we are nearing due date of his coming (July 14th) I can't help but imagine what he is going to look like, what his talents will be and just the amazing impact he will have on our lives. When I see little infant boys, toddler boys and elementary boys I can't help but feel a tugging on my heart. I can't believe that I get the opportunity to grow up a little boy into a man...major responsibility, but one that I can't wait to embark upon.
33 Weeks

I am still feeling pretty good most of the time thankfully.  I am just finding that after working a full day I am really tired and like to just get home and relax.  (We are at 33 weeks and 3 days...37 weeks is full-term...40 weeks is our due date) Our little boy is getting so big...there have been a couple of times that he has shifted all the way over to one side of my belly, and I could actually see how big he was. I saw his little foot the other day as well, and tickled it back in. AMAZING. There are not as many kicks since he is running out of room, but he stretches and pushes all the time. That is something that I love...those little movements that I feel throughout the day that make me think he is saying, "Hey mom don't forget I am here."

I officially have "pregnancy brain." Yesterday I asked Jason if he had put the "mailboxes out on the curb" (I meant garbage cans).  I also made the comment that we were walking our "watermelon" down the street when we were taking our lawnmower to a friend's house to take care of their yard. Needless to say this has been a very funny part of being pregnant, and has made for some hilarious moments at our home.

Besides expecting our little man, we are winding down the school year! I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I have been thankful for my job this year, but it isn't like being a teacher in the classroom, but I am thankful for what I was given.  We are still prayerfully waiting for news on Jason's position next year.  This year he has loved being at Straub, it is is only a half-time permanent job, and we are praying for a full-time position...we will see what happens, but we are excited to see where the Lord is going to take him. Still amazed at what he does each day as a special education is something he is gifted at, and something I am thankful he has the passion for.
We are also almost done with our second year helping out with the youth group at church.  We will still help out on Sundays but the weekday activities are ending until the school year starts back up in the fall. Just this last week in fact, Jason preached on Tuesday night....I was SO proud of him. He spoke on 'boasting,' so he can't say himself that he did great, but I think he did. :) The youth group is something that we are loving helping out would think that we would have enough of middle school students with our jobs, but it has been a blast getting to feed into their lives and spend time being goofy with our kids.

Keep us in your prayers with all the upcoming changes in our lives. We are so excited to start these next new chapters in our lives, and to see where God is going to take our growing little family. :)

May 20, 2012

The Countdown Begins

"So far so good." The best words an expectant couple could hear at their check-up.  We are 32 weeks along as of right now, and I'm feeling great, and our little boy is growing and moving right on track.  Our doctor said that we are in the countdown phase, "Check-up with ultrasound in three weeks, then check-up in two and finally check-ups every week until the baby arrives."


Needless to say Jason and I are really excited to meet this little man that we have been hearing about, feeling and praying for for the last eight months.  We feel very blessed to have all good news as of yet, and the fast that I am still pretty comfortable for the most part.

It still amazes me that there is a new little life, a new family member that we haven't met, but will get to know just growing inside of me.  It blows my mind that there is nothing of my own doing that is making him grow, but that God. in His masterful plan, is knitting my baby and growing my baby in me.  What a blessing to be a woman and get to carry new life; something I've dreamed about since I was a little girl, and never could have imagined it being as amazing as it truly is.  Very much looking forward to his arrival, and the changes that are to come for our family of two.

May 11, 2012

Baby Boy

I can't believe how fast time has gone! This was taken on our girls weekend that a group of my friends and I took to Tollgate, OR (right outside of Sisters).  I am feeling really good still, and have managed to keep up with all of my many activities like teaching, working out, youth group, teaching swim lessons, etc.  The little kids at swim lesson crack me up because they are constantly asking about the baby and what he is doing.  There is one little girl that has asked me each week since December if my baby is coming. :)  I also had a very sweet special ed boy at school amazed that my baby was alive inside of me and that he had the hiccups just like he gets sometimes. Very sweet :)

Our doctor visits are getting closer together now, and that makes it seem all the more real.  A couple weeks ago Jason and I took the birthing class at the hospital, and I think that made us both feel a lot more confident about what's to come.  We both learned a lot, and got some great tips that I'm sure come the day this little guys makes his appearance will go right out of our heads.  I am thinking I may be spending some time...that is if we have the the jetted tubs that each birthing room has at the Salem Hospital :)

Thankful for feeling and seeing all his movements.  We are pretty sure we have seen his little feet pushing out, and I most definitely have felt his head and bottom sticking out. :) He gets the hiccups at least twice a day, and seems to be somewhat on a sleep schedule, waking up around 10:00pm each night. We love him a lot, and are looking forward to meeting him.
Working on the baby's room...stripes that worked AMAZING!!! Excited to see it all coming together.

May 08, 2012

Making a House a Home

We have officially been moved into our house for almost a month. It has been amazing, but A LOT of work at the same time.  When I come home it is still hard to believe that it is our "home," and that we don't have to leave.  We are so very thankful that we got to move into the house and start working on many of the jobs before the baby comes. 

One thing that we have learned is that when we start a job it seems to create about five more...but we are making progress, and what we have accomplished has definitely made the house feel more like our own place.
Living Room/Dining Room: Start of the cleaning and painting job.

Taking up the OLD/GROSS carpet in the two extra bedrooms.

Baby's Room: All the old carpet is up! Ready for the new stuff to be put in.

Painting! Lots of painting!

Getting some of our stuff out of boxes, and attempting to set up our place.

Kitchen: Jason and his dad installing the new dishwasher.